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University of Arizona
New Employee Orientation Team (NEO) Charge
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5. Identify/pareto major problems
6. Benchmark other institutions
7. Brainstorm solutions to top problems and gain agreement to pilot
8. Pilot improvements
9. Assess which have been successful and gain agreement on implementation
10. Train appropriate people in new processes/guidelines
11. Integrate into new SOS/Team NEO processes
12. Annual assessment as part of FAST survey and to new staff (quick survey)
Reporting Relationships:
We are a FAST project team.
We will need SOS', FASTCATS' support
FAST is the Management Review Team (MRT)
We want to partner with the TL/WTL, Learning Networks, LIST
We will report out as part of FAST Team Reports.
SOS is a source of "current situation"
TL/WTL are a source of "current situation"
We will recommend to FAST/TL/WTL's changes in the process and jointly
decide with them.
To be determined
May 2002 -Final report and FAST survey
2002 and beyond -survey done by SOS after 1 year completed
Steps 1-4 -Nov. 1
Steps 5-7 -Jan. 15
Step 8 -April 15
Steps 9-11 -May 15
Skills and Knowledge:
Orientation and education of staff
Process improvement
Focus group and survey skills
Guideline writing
Old and new perspectives
Knowledge of current processes, guidelines
Different work teams in FAST
New staff or Work Team Leader with non-FAST perspective
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