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Parking Information
Division of Continuing Education
Recreation York
Cooperative Childcare Centre
Ombudsperson and Centre for Human Rights
Centre for Human Rights
University Policy on Sexual Harassment
Office for Persons With Disabilities
Positive Space Program (for sexual and gender diversity)
Counseling and Development Services
TENURE AND PROMOTION RESOURCES (for continuing stream appointments only)
Introduction to the Promotion and Tenure Process --distributed by PCAC
Criteria for Promotion and Continuing Appointment (view the current YUFA contract)
YorkU Faculty and Staff Discounted Metropasses
Edvantage (we're members of YUFA, which is a member of OCUFA, which entitles us to join Edvantage -great
Bell/Bakka Wireless cell phone service
Goodlife fitness membership
Apple for educators discounts
Data Integrity (campus computer store)
Show your YU Card to get faculty discounts on software and hardware
We also get a discount on the Chapters iRewards card ($5 off) because we're considered faculty
Purchase your iRewards card in store and show your YU card to get the discount
Librarians Group Executive
Updated: January 2011
New Librarians Info |York University Libraries http://www.library.yorku.ca/ccm/Staff/preview/Librarians/newlibrarians...
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