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Library Welcoming and Orientation
Library Welcoming and Orientation | Office of the CIO
http://www.uoguelph.ca/cio/content/library-welcoming-and-orientation[7/14/11 5:49:55 PM]
Manager to introduce the Orientation program, which is to begin on their
first day and to provide extra support.
To be provided by designated personnel
Conduct tour of floor, building, other appropriate facilities
Advise employee of phone extension and brief training or point to the
online guide
Advise the new employee on where to park, and how to arrange for a
University parking permit. (Parking Services, Trent Building, Trent
Lane, ext 52118)
Sshow new employee where to find shared drives, printer, useful
documentation and so forth
Go to lunch
Ensure the new hire gets ID card, keys ID Card Authorization Form
Provide orientation of Fire and Emergency
Ext 52000 (Police, Fire, Accidents, Illness)
Fire alarm procedures
Emergency Exits and Building evacuation procedures
Location of fire extinguishers
Emergency First Aid Kit
Provide information on Gryph Calendar
Manager or designate to meet with the employee at the end of the first
day to answer any questions
Meeting with Mike within the first week
Mike Ridley: mridley@uoguelph.ca
Meeting with Associate Chief Librarian within the first week
First Month and Three/Six Month
Manager to arrange meeting with Organizational Services Associate Director
Kelly Bertrand: kbertran@uoguelph.ca
Attend LC Library Council meeting (if appropriate)
Introduce the employee to key University resource contacts associated with
their work (if applicable)
Review the Performance Review process for P & M staff
Manager in consultation with the employee, identify job-related learning
needs; develop and implement appropriate training plan
Manager meet with the employee and their designated staff member to
discuss progress with orientation and to plan further measures to address
unmet needs
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