SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires · 23
All new hires are welcomed in our weekly e-newsletter. Hiring managers are expected to identify the people most likely
to be working with the new hire and make appropriate introductions.
All staff are introduced by their supervisors on LibNews-L, the library listserv, on the first day of employment. Library
faculty are introduced at the first faculty meeting they attend after their start date. There is a joint reception in the fall to
welcome all new faculty to the library and to GSLIS.
An announcement of the new appointment is included in the bi-monthly HR update that is sent to all library employees.
To announce new librarian hires to faculty colleagues on campus, an announcement is included in the campus
newspaper along with the employee’s picture.
An email announcement is sent prior to their start date. They are introduced at the first “Dean’s Corner” (meeting of
all employees) after their arrival. All new employees are given a tour of the libraries. The immediate supervisor also
introduces them in their department. Supervisor checklist of departmental activities includes meet the employees, lunch
on the first day, and assigned mentor/buddy.
An email is sent to all library staff a day or two after the new employee arrives. During the first few days the supervisor
walks the new staff member around to the most relevant departments and branches making introductions along the
way. At the next library-wide meeting of all library staff, supervisors introduce any new staff they may have. In the
introduction they give a bit of information about the person’s background and previous employment as well as what
they will be doing in their new position.
Announcement of hire made in dean’s weekly update &blog. New faculty &professional staff &library science grad
assistants are introduced at faculty meeting. Faculty candidates also meet others during interview.
Announcements on our internal listserv before the new hire starts work. New Employee Spotlight in staff newsletter.
Introductions at faculty and all-staff meetings. Visits to other library departments. Reception to meet colleagues outside
the libraries for new dean.
Departments generally coordinate their departmental receptions or lunches. All new hires are announced via email by
the Director of Libraries. Also, new staff are recognized at all-staff meetings (held twice or more per year) and at new
staff coffees (held approximately three times per year).
During a new hire’s first day, the individual meets with their manager. Their manager then introduces new hires to their
colleagues. New hires are also featured in the monthly publication of “Declarations,” an agency staff newsletter.
Email announcement prior to arrival. Welcome reception in department. Introductions to immediate co-workers on first
day and colleagues throughout library system in following weeks. Tours are conducted by department staff for newly
hired staff in other library departments.
Email announcement, one-on-one meetings with various employees as part of orientation, and welcomed/introduced at
library-wide meetings.
Email announcement, weekly email updates, in-unit tours, invitations to participate on committees, projects, staff
luncheons, university-wide orientation (colleagues across campus).
Email announcement to all staff, personal introduction to colleagues in same unit, and introduced at council meetings
(for academics and professional staff).
Email announcement, departmental tours, introduction at twice-yearly meetings of library staff association (all library
employees), quarterly library faculty meetings, and quarterly welcome luncheons.
Email announcement supervisor is responsible for arranging in-person introductions and a tour/walkabout throughout
the entire library one-on-one meeting with dean after six weeks or so.
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