SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  · 105
Library of Congress
Library Services - New Employee Orientation Checklist
Elective Activities
New staff will select and complete at least five of the activities listed at the
bottom of this checklist in the first six months of work in Library Services.
Activity Date Completed
____________________ _______
_____________________ _______
______________________ _______
______________________ _______
______________________ _______
______________________ _______
Elective Activities Examples
Attend: An Exhibit, Concert in the Coolidge Auditorium, Noon Treasure
Talk, Gallery Presentation by a Curator, TOPS lecture, “LC’s Digital Future
and You” presentation, or similar events. See http://www.loc.gov/today for
Participate in at least one meeting of a Language Table or another Employee
Association. See: http://www.loc.gov/staff/page.php?name=clubs
Watch a Webcast from http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/index.php
Complete a course such as ILS Searching or the Research Orientation to the
Library of Congress. See http://www.loc.gov/rr/main/inforeas/orient.html
and http://www.loc.gov/staff/idt/ for ideas.
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