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North Carolina State University
NCSU Libraries New Staff Orientation Tour Script
Assembly Room
The Assembly Room is used for mid-sized library meetings and programs.
Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (ILL/DDS)
Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services provides access to materials
needed by NCSU students, faculty, and staff but not available in the NCSU
Libraries. ILL/DDS also delivers library materials to distance learners and
Extension faculty and staff.
Learning Technology Service
LTS offer instruction and support primarily to faculty, helping integrate
technology into instruction and training. LTS is part of DELTA, which manages
the university's learning technology infrastructure, including the Wolfware and
WebCT course management systems, and the campus video classrooms.
Third Floor
The Personnel Services Department coordinates recruiting and hiring of
librarians, library staff, and student assistants. They provide staff development
and training programs, and offer employee relations services. They are your first
contact for any questions or concerns regarding employment in the NCSU
Libraries. Contact Laura Blessing (Director, Personnel).
Finance and Business
The Finance and Business Office leads the budget development and
reconciliation processes for all the Libraries funds sources: state appropriated,
service fee generated, privately donated, and extramurally funded. F&B
performs the purchasing function for library staff, including the collections
purchases, and also assists the funds receipts processes in Circulation, ILL, RIS,
and FOL. Travel and non-travel employee reimbursements are also handled
here. Finally, the department also performs contract management, maintains
insurance coverage, and does the wage reporting.
The NCSU Libraries Administration helps plan, organize, direct, and promote
activities across the Libraries, including recruitment and personnel development,
planning and research, facilities, and public relations. The offices house the
Director and Vice Provost of Libraries, Deputy Director and four Assistant and
Associate Directors as well as support and professional staff. Tuition waiver
forms must be brought to the office for approval from the Director. Their staff is
available to answer or direct questions to the appropriate person.
1:00 1:55 Third Tour West Wing / Learning Commons
First Floor
*Digital Library Initiatives
Referred to as DLI, this department works to create new digital services and
collections utilizing leading-edge library and Internet resources. DLI staff often
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