SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  29
Formal Mentoring Program N=27
First week and ongoing
First 3 months
First 6 months (2)
First year (5)
Throughout the tenure process (6)
Continuous/ongoing/ throughout the career (4)
Other time frame:
Anytime at the individual’s request.
During the first month of employment, each newly hired librarian is assigned a mentor for one year.
Incumbents asked that they be allowed to get to know people in the organization (over three months) before being
assigned a formal mentor.
Mentoring may occur informally for librarians and for GA’s. Library faculty has an internal organization which meets
monthly and staff have a board of elected representatives who participate with Library Faculty Association in
governance in Library Cabinet.
Mentoring program goes on until the faculty member achieves promotion and tenure. Some continue beyond that date.
This could last from 3 to 5 years. General librarians (one-year contracts) may request to have mentors.
The six-year faculty probationary period.
The program begins within the first month of employment and lasts as long as necessary. Typically this is a minimum of
through the first reappointment and then is an on again off again process. The professional relationship is established
and called upon when necessary.
Other Pairing, such as job shadowing, coaching, etc. N=18
Assigned pairing upon hiring.
First day
Within 1 to 2 months
First few months
2 to 3 months
Within 3 to 6 months of hire
Until goals are met
Throughout career
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