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Human Resources administrative support person. We’ve recently established the Organizational Development Team and
they will be involved in reviewing and designing future socialization programs.
LAUC-LA hosts and invites new librarians to a luncheon held on the day of the library’s formal orientation program.
For the past few years, LAUC-LA has been developing a mentoring program that is likely to have a two-fold approach:
formal mentoring and informal “buddy” pairings.
Promotion and Tenure Committee offers annual program and workshop for untenured librarians.
Specifically, the three associate deans through whom all librarians report have designed the orientation for new
The information get-togethers for untenured faculty are coordinated by the untenured faculty. The quarterly one-on-one
meetings with the Deputy Dean are coordinated by the Deputy Dean.
Two Libraries’ HR work team members, along with a small cross-library project team, designed new hire program and
sessions for all regular employees within the past 10 years (massive overhaul). The program was co-coordinated by each
expert with my assistance. The team leader is the primary person responsible for most critical aspects of orientation and
may delegate pieces to senior librarian or colleagues as seen fit. The Library Faculty Association (LFA) provides some
socialization in and of itself. Librarians involved in the promotion and/continuing status process will be involved with
the P&CS committee at some point and receive orientation as needed throughout their careers. Colleagues will also be
involved in informal mentoring, formal or informal training, and ‘orientation’ to the Libraries’ processes and procedures.
Additional Comments
Associate Directors and HR Officer send email announcements HR Officer designs and presents the first part of the
library orientations (direct supervisor finishes the library orientation). Professional Staff Affairs committee is responsible
for other socialization and mentor activities.
The Tenure Track Faculty Mentor Program is implemented by the College Advisory Council and the Associate Dean.
Other Professional Staff N=38
N Designing
Immediate supervisor 33 25 30
HR/Personnel officer 29 23 24
Staff Development officer 9 7 7
A library committee 7 7 6
Colleagues of higher rank 7 6 3
Other 5 5 3
Please briefly describe the “Other” group or individual and their role.
Associate Dean for Organizational Development designs and coordinates the New Librarians and Library Professionals
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