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University of California, Los Angeles
Curricular Framework for the Learning &Development Program
For each track, the Library may provide release time, funding, and/or and support for learning
opportunities at the UC system level, UCLA campus level, and the library level as well as for
external opportunities and offerings. Interactive offerings such as journal clubs and book
discussion groups may be a part of any track. Departmental offerings tend to be job-specific and
may not be open to all Library employees. Departments and managers develop their own
internal training and documentation.
Within each of the twelve tracks, there are five types of offerings:
system level offerings
campus level offerings
library offerings
departmental offerings and
external offerings.
Note: Courses and other offerings may appear under more than one track.
Curricular Tracks
Orienting Employees (Orientation)
This track is designed to help new employees adjust to the Library and the campus
environment, and succeed in performing their duties and responsibilities. At the campus
level, a general orientation is offered. The Library’s New Employee Orientation Program
compliments with offering. At the departmental level, orientation is tailored to the
learning needs of new employees, and to their specific job duties.
Appreciating Differences (Diversity)
Courses in this track are focused on diversity-related issues and are aimed at fostering
harmony and enhancing group effectiveness by encouraging appreciation of and
sensitivity toward all individuals.
Ensuring Health and Safety (Health, Safety and Wellness)
This track is focused on workplace health and safety and individual wellness. Offerings
are varied and include courses and programs on health, well-being. The workplace
environment and ergonomics are topics covered in this track.
Developing Professional and Interpersonal Effectiveness
Offerings in this track aim to increase the employee’s professional effectiveness on an
individual level and within teams. Courses address development in planning and
organizing, self-assessment and self-understanding, and individual skill-building.
Building and Maintaining Professional Knowledge &Expertise
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