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North Carolina State University
NCSU Libraries New Staff Orientation Tour Script
renovations, the exhibition program expanded by adding a special exhibit
gallery for original material that would be otherwise too sensitive to display.
North Carolina Libraries for Virtual Education (NC LIVE) offers the citizens of
North Carolina online access to various electronic resources. NC LIVE is
available free of charge for library patrons, researchers, and educators from four
communities of interest public libraries, community colleges, the state's
university system, and members of the North Carolina Association of
Independent Colleges and Universities.
Contact Scott Ross in NC Live to let them know we’re coming so they can
be prepared.
[invite new staff to take a 5 minute break in the bathroom / seating area of the
learning commons / exhibit gallery]
11:10 11:55 Second Tour East Wing
First Floor
Special Collections Research Center Presentation (~10-15 min.)
Friends of the Library
Friends of the Library organizes an annual book sale and organizes various
programs in support of NCSU Libraries. Membership is open to all.
Second Floor
*Digital Media Lab (SKIP??)
The Digital Media Lab provides assistance for the NC State community in
creating and converting all types of media to digital formats. In addition to a
diverse mix of scanners allowing conversion of documents, slides, photographs,
and microforms to digital format, the Digital Media Lab provides the means for
converting analog video to digital video, as well as creating digital video clips.
Information Technology
IT ensures the smooth operation of information technology services to a diverse
constituency of both Libraries staff and the NCSU community. IT staff are
responsible for managing existing production services as well as designing and
implementing new services, often in collaboration with DLI staff. Services
include: Desktop support for Libraries staff (Help Desk), programming and
development, technology training for Libraries staff, and management of
networked resources.
Scholarly Communication Center
The Scholarly Communication Center is a campus resource on issues related to
scholarly publishing, intellectual property, and copyright.
Information Technologies Teaching Center Labs (ITTC Labs)
The two ITTC teaching laboratories are used to train faculty and students in
pedagogical technologies. They can be reserved online, and the keys are
available in Reference and Information Services. DELTA, which has a unit
housed in DH Hill (sharing space with DLI), also uses the labs to provide
instruction to the campus faculty.
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