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Library Welcoming and Orientation
Library Welcoming and Orientation | Office of the CIO
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Michael Ridley
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CCS Welcoming and Orientation
CCS Welcoming and Orientation
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Library Welcoming and Orientation
Getting a new employee off to a good start can make a big difference in how
welcome they will feel and it will improve their ability to quickly become
effective in their position. Do all that you can to make the "on boarding"
process as smooth as possible for them by officially welcoming and
orientating your new employee to your part of the organization.
Three Main areas of orientation:
Organizational Level Orientation
New employees need to understand the organizational vision, culture and the
strategy for The Library. An overview must be provided by the leadership
within the
Mike Ridley will meet with the employee within their first week if possible
to provide the U of G vision, explain the role of the CIO and to speak about
The Library in context with CCS and Organizational Services. 30 45
One Associate Chief, Helen, or Catherine will meet with the employee within
their first week if possible, to provide insight into The Library’s overall
relationship with the campus, the Library vision, culture, integrated plan
and their role as Associate Chief Librarian. 30 45 minutes.
Directorate Level Organization (The Library and
Organizational Services)
Additional meetings and plans will be scheduled specific to the new
employee’s role so that they can quickly understand the various Library
service areas and how their role and service area fit within the overall
organization. It will also be important for new employees to learn about
Organizational Services support.
Within the first month, the new employee will meet with each of the
Managers to understand their service areas 30 minutes for each (up to ?
Within the first month, the new employee will spend time in the front line
service area(s) to better understand our client needs and how we provide
them with support
Schedule a meeting with ? and then assign new employee to one of the
Within the first month the new employee will meet with the AD of
Organizational Services to get an overview of the support services offered
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