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University of Georgia
University of Georgia Libraries New Employee Checklist
University of Georgia Libraries New Employee Checklist
Hiring Department/Unit (rev. 08/10)
Name: Start Date:
Title: Supervisor:
Department: Classification/Rank:
Probationary Evaluation Schedule 1st Due 2nd Due 3rd Due 4th Due 5th Due Prob. Due
I. The Basics
UGA Online Orientation http://www.hr.uga.edu/ori/orient.html
Departmental tour Library Tour (location of restrooms, vending, staff lounge, ‘Tween the Pages)
Various departmental policies (food, drink, noise, cell phone use, parties, office hours, etc.)
Office key assignment (Becky Wortham - bwortham@uga.edu) Computer log-in, set-up, access E-mail log-in, set-up
Establish and register a preferred e-mail account for official University communications www.emailinfo.uga.edu
Departmental administrative and organizational communication protocols.
II. Job responsibilities/evaluation
Review of job description Departmental overview/goals/projects
Probationary & Annual evaluation procedures Libraries Mission/Strategic Plan related to Dept.
III. Schedules, Attendance and Leave
Work schedule Break & lunch schedules Timesheet/payroll procedures and schedules
Use and request of annual leave & scheduled sick leave Notification process when ill or tardy
Use of work time for training, professional development, educational purposes
Independent professional activities policy Travel & Funding Guidelines
http://www.libs.uga.edu/staff/independentprof.html http://www.libs.uga.edu/humres/training/travelguidelines.html
Family and Medical Leave http://www.hr.uga.edu/fmla/fmla_intro.html
III. Safety, Security & Ethics
Personal accident/injury reporting Worker’s Compensation SecureUGA (modules 1-10) https://secure.uga.edu/
http://www.libs.uga.edu/staff/workerscompguidelines.pdf **Mandatory**
Building/Department emergency procedures (including links to emergency plans)
University Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness USG Ethics Course http://www.hr.uga.edu/ethics.html
http://www.osep.uga.edu/ **Mandatory** You will receive an email from UGA HR when
course is loaded in your eLearning Commons account.
University Risk Management Office View the “Driving Do’s & Don’ts Training Video” (Click link, then scroll down to video)
http://www.doas.georgia.gov/StateLocal/Risk/Pages/RiskInsurance.aspx **Mandatory**
VI. Telephones/Copies/Supplies/Mail
Personal Use of Office Equipment (Phone, Fax, Computing Equipment, Printer, Copiers)
Long distance authorization card, if applicable Location & how to use photocopier
Office Supply requests Mail regulations and procedures
IV. Department Handouts
______________________________________________ _______________________________________________
New Employee Date Supervisor/Department Head Date
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