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University of California, Los Angeles
Curricular Framework for the Learning & Development Program
UCLA Library Administrative Document # 700-2
Curricular Framework for the
Learning & Development Program
The UCLA Library seeks to foster an atmosphere of involvement, commitment, creativity,
innovation, challenge and fun across the organization. The Library is committed to creating a
culture of trust and mutual respect, providing equal opportunity and fair treatment, and fostering
an environment of open communication that appreciates differences and emphasizes personal
The UCLA Library’s Learning & Development Program is managed by Library Human
Resources and is organized around a cohesive curricular framework that provides a flexible
mechanism for planning.
Statement of Philosophy and Purpose
The ongoing professional development of each and every academic and staff employee is a
crucial and integral part of the Library’s strategic plan and priorities. Access to learning
opportunities is open to all Library employees. Participation in learning and development
improves effectiveness in the employee’s current job;
enhances career opportunities within the UCLA Library, UCLA, and the University of
California; and/or
increases professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.
The UCLA Library invests in individuals and the organization by providing opportunities for
learning and professional growth for all employees and the organization as a whole.
Professional development is defined as growth in an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities
that leads to enhanced effectiveness and increased efficiency. The employee and the supervisor
are jointly responsible for professional development. Employees are expected to share in the
responsibility for their own learning, professional development, and continuing education.
Supervisors are expected to coach, counsel, and mentor employees and to suggest professional
development and continuing education opportunities to individual employees.
Professional development and continuing education activities should be planned and annual
learning goals should be established at the same time that unit and individual work plans are
developed. Annual individual work plans should be developed with the intent to acquire and
improve new knowledge and skills, to increase an individual’s ability to assume greater
responsibility, and to prepare for future career opportunities.
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