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Socialization Programs, Activities, and Resources
5. When are new hires informed about your library’s socialization programs, activities, and/or
resources? Check all that apply. N=57
Upon arrival at the library 47 83%
During an orientation session 36 63%
During the interview process 31 54%
Upon being hired 29 51%
Other time 10 18%
Please describe the other time.
Announcements via email.
Weekly staff bulletin via email.
Immediately prior to starting.
Informal communication with supervisor prior to start date.
Ongoing from supervisor and colleagues.
Orientation and socialization are ongoing processes information is mentioned informally as the supervisor works with
the employee and as new activities, policies, and processes are implemented.
Personal invitation to annual luncheon of new employees and library managers.
Varies by unit.
When new/refresher programs are offered.
When they are invited to participate in the Library Services New Employee Orientation Program.
Additional Comments
Contact is made immediately prior to the person starting by the Director of Planning, Assessment, and Organizational
Effectiveness, the immediate supervisor, and by the mentor. A meeting to begin orientation is scheduled for
approximately one month after the start date.
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