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Curricular Framework for the Learning & Development Program
As employees prepare individual work plans and outline professional development goals, they are
encouraged to:
Evaluate their own effectiveness;
Assess their learning needs;
Make plans to improve their knowledge base and skill set; and
Improve their performance.
Managers are expected to encourage and be supportive of employee development by:

Providing honest and helpful feedback on performance;

Encouraging employees to learn and grow throughout their careers, and to pursue
appropriate career goals;

Offering or supporting education and learning opportunities to the extent possible to
enhance an individual's performance and capacity, which may go beyond their current
position; and

Publicizing job opportunities so that individual employees can pursue positions which
they see as advancing their own development.
Progress in meeting these goals should be evaluated on a regular basis through the peer review
process for academic employees and through the annual performance evaluation process for staff
The UCLA Library’s Learning & Development Program is dedicated to serving library employees
by providing opportunities to acquire a wide variety of knowledge, skills, abilities and
competencies to enhance professional practice throughout the library system in all levels and
types of jobs.
Rapid advances in technology, changes in user expectations of service, transformations in the
ways that academic users seek information, and expanding roles for library employees at all levels
require investment in the Library’s talented and agile employees, helping them to be continual
and strategic learners.
The Learning and Development Program seeks to provide opportunities for Library employees
to share with one another what they learn about trends in research and scholarly communication,
interests of UCLA faculty and students, and the results of experiments whether successful or
not in providing new and better service to the Library’s primary clientele.
Curricular Framework and Tracks
The UCLA Library’s Learning & Development Program is managed by Library Human
Resources and is organized around a cohesive curricular framework that provides a flexible
mechanism for planning.
Learning & Development opportunities span activities such as orientation, continuous learning
through formal and informal training, mentoring, and coaching. Within the curricular framework
are specific tracks which cover a broad range of knowledge, skills, and abilities for all levels of
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