SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  · 67
University of Arizona
New Employee Orientation Team (NEO) Charge
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New Hires:SNH Docs:Charge to New Employee Orientation Team.doc
Include candidates that search teams are interviewing, finalists and new hires
before they actually arrive.
Include all permanent and extended temporary full and part-time staff, and
permanent and year-to-year appointed personnel (including Sabio residents)
through their first full year.
Exclude students, temporary staff and librarians (although teams can decide
how to include these employees when appropriate).
1. A process map/flow chart of all NEO processes, with assigned responsibilities.
2. Written guidelines for NEO at the Library/Team/Work team levels that resides
on the SOS website and each team's internal website.
3. Orientation materials for new employees.
4. Needs assessment results (2001).
5. Training for TL/WTL's and SOS/FAST and others involved.
6. The performance measures for this project team will be:
a) satisfaction measured by a survey of new employees after their first year
QS: 80% satisfaction on a scale of 1-4
b) satisfaction measured by the FAST survey (needs to be added as a
process and baseline data gathered)
c) satisfaction measured by input from Team/Work Team Leaders
QS: 80% satisfaction
Current NEO guidelines on SOS website.
Checklists for NEO (SOS)
Binders for NEO (SOS)
$500 (FAST marketing may be available)
Michael, Martina, Ketty
All Library staff
U of A HR website/office
Present orientation materials (UA, Library)
Chamber of Commerce; other local companies
Literature on NEO
The Diversity Council
Suggested Approach (Steps):
1. Assessment with new staff (up to 1 yr.) and Team/Work Team Leaders.
2. Map the current process
3. Gather other data related to NEO (#s of new staff since July 1999)
4. Analyze all information
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