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University of California, Los Angeles
Curricular Framework for the Learning & Development Program
This track provides offering related to librarianship and academic librarianship and offers
staff at all levels an opportunity to increase and maintain their professional knowledge.
Providing Service (Customer Service)
The quality of service we provide to library users, both internal and external, affects our
efficiency, our working relationships and overall productivity. Courses in this track
provide a foundation in public service philosophy and essential skills. The ideas and
concepts apply to the relationships among individual employees and University
Building Collections (Collection Management)
Development and management of collections represents one of the most important
priorities of the UCLA Library and involves multiple levels of staff. Offerings in this
track focus on enhancing staff knowledge and awareness of collections, particularly
specialized collections, and on developing skills of individuals to efficiently and effectively
manage our collections.
Harnessing Technology (Information Technology)
These courses provide training in the use of computer applications at basic and more
advanced levels that help employees use technology effectively and increase their
Stewarding Fiscal Resources (Business Processes & Accountability)
Courses in this track prepare managers to handle University resources responsibly and
increase awareness of the need for accountability.
Seeking Support (Fundraising, Development & Grantsmanship)
This track focuses on development of knowledge, skills, and abilities related to
fundraising and development and grantsmanship (writing and managing grants).
Managing Human Resources (Supervisory Development)
The purpose of this track is to help current and prospective supervisors to develop an
understanding of theories and concepts of supervision and human resource management
as well as practical skills in managing people.
Becoming a Leader (Leadership Development)
The intent of courses in this track is to prepare employees for leadership roles at many
levels within the Library and UCLA campus, and deepen their competencies as leaders
and managers.
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