SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  37
Goals for Socialization Programs/Activities
13. What are the primary goals of your library’s programs and/or activities for socializing new hires?
Check all that apply. N=57
Communicate the organizational culture of the library 54 95%
Communicate the process and requirements for performance evaluation 43 75%
Communicate the process and requirements for promotion and tenure 39 68%
Promoting an inclusive workplace 39 68%
Promoting retention 38 67%
Training in specific areas, such as collection development, instruction, and/or liaison work 33 58%
Communicate the organizational culture of the campus/parent institution 32 56%
Communicate the professional culture of librarianship 32 56%
Describe opportunities for collaboration/group work 24 42%
Describe opportunities for scholarly research and getting published 20 35%
Developing skills for collaboration/group work 16 28%
Other goal 13 23%
Please describe other goal.
Another goal of the orientation session is to expose the new employees to the collections and staff not housed in
the main library. The university has orientations which accomplish some of the other goals listed above, such as
organizational goals and evaluation processes.
Communicate information about educational opportunities.
Communicate information about professional development opportunities.
Communicate the research culture of the organization.
Convey the organizational structure of the library, provide an overview of functional areas beyond the new hire’s own,
encourage identification with the larger entity (not just the immediate work group).
Describing and explaining our unique culture, mission, and principles; our team-based organization (substructures and
governance system); the systems model and process improvement models by which we operate; strategic planning
and performance effectiveness management system (PEMS); clarifying and reinforcing work-related and performance
expectations and ensuring that team is planning and implementing learning goals for the new employee specific to
their work and the work of the team. At the same time, the NEO project team recognized the value in socialization and
promoting a welcoming, supportive environment for the new employee to the workplace and the costs of hiring and
training new employees, so a comprehensive program was put in place. We took care to stagger some of the initial
overload for the new employee and allow time to absorb and reinforce new learning. We recognized the often steep
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