SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  39
Funding for socialization programs comes mostly through the HR/staff development budget line.
Funding from departmental hiring and training budgets and library funds allocated for Learning and Development.
Libraries’ Foundation Accounts and Libraries’ Staff Association (LSA sponsors fundraisers with half of the proceeds
going to charity and half going to fund programs and activities for all faculty and staff).
Library budget. University-wide orientation from university budget.
Not much funding needed or required. If we need, funded by general library fund.
Operating funds and staff workload.
Our socialization programs/activities are funded primarily through the library’s operating budget, although some
activities are funded centrally through the university administration such as the New Faculty Orientation sessions and
Primarily funded by library and the university depending on the program.
Primary accomplished using existing resources. Some expense provided by HR budget.
Some are centrally funded by the university; other programs are funded by the Libraries while others require the use of
the educational assistance or professional development funds of the employee.
Some programs are funded by the department allocations, other are funded through volunteer collaboration.
The Libraries’ HR has funding in its operating budget to support the New Employee Orientation Foundations sessions
and provide meals during them. In the past we provided more booklets and materials and paid for licensure with MBTI
certified instructor. Now that we don’t have in-house experts in the NEO Foundations and conflict resolutions modules,
we have to rely on “other funding” to provide special catch-up sessions. There has been sporadic funding of training in
project management from a national facilitator but now we can provide it in-house. We have worked with central HR
to see about substitute facilitators, with only some success (they are understaffed as well). LFA and SGA groups have
limited team events funding.
The library’s formal orientation program is funded by staff development funds. The LAUC-LA luncheon for new librarians
is funded by monies allocated to LAUC-LA by the university librarian. LSA events are funded by member dues and
The library/GSLIS faculty fall reception are funded by the university librarian out of gift funds. The annual recognition of
new employee’s reception is funded by the university librarian, who gives a budget to the social committee for a variety
of events, around $1200. The dean also provides additional funds as needs are identified.
Very little funding is required; minimal funding from library administration budget is used, as needed.
Vice Provost discretionary funds are used.
We do it ourselves or send employees to (free) campus training. The Library Staff Association funds its own activities
with dues contributions.
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