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New Employee Orientation Team (NEO) Charge
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New Employee Orientation Team (NEO) Charge
To improve the orientation process so that new employees to the Library feel
more confident, prepared and able to be successful in their positions and fully
participating members of their teams.
Having a new employee orientation process is critical to retention and
success of the employee. As the Financial and Administrative Support Team
(FAST) assessed its processes at the retreat this was identified as a priority for
improvement. This process relates to "recruiting and hiring" and "training and
development," but is not assessed per se in the FAST survey .Experience this
past year pointed out the need to collaborate with Team/Work Team
Leaders and develop a better process library-wide. The process has never
been studied as a whole and assessed for consistency, comprehensiveness,
and success. Roles and responsibilities have not been clarified since the
2000 vacancy in the Staff and Organization Systems Team. The design of the
"Performance Effectiveness Management System" (PEMS) process called for
some responsibilities and monitoring of team new staff/faculty orientation
that have not been assessed. Forty or 23% of our current staff could be
described as "new" (hired since July 1999).
The FAST "customer" survey does not assess this process directly.
Team/Work Team Leaders, and various SOS staff "coordinate" part of this
process, but have not done so with clear delineation of responsibility and
communication has not been regular and thorough. The Library Information
Systems Team (LIST) and FASTCATS also play a role in NEO. Teams are not
aware of what each other do. There have been 6 new team leaders since
In the most recent restructuring there are new work teams and new teams
and new staff will need to understand their teams relationships to these
There is no documented NEO process recognizing responsibilities.
Timing of parts of the NEO process may be problematic i.e. the employees
ability to absorb.
The Library continues to change and this new information needs to be
integrated into present process and continually updated.
Campus changes need to be incorporated into our NEO processes --and
the library's relationship to the University needs to be incorporated.
The Learning Networks and partnerships with our customers present an
opportunity to cooperate in improving this process.
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