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16. What measures of success does/will your library use? N=31
Feedback from participants (8 responses)
None at this time (4)
Other Measures:
At this time the overall measure of success is when a tenure track faculty member obtains tenure.
Determining if employees are knowledgeable about necessary policies and procedures. Aware of internal and external
contact to gain more information. Fully trained and equipped to be effective in their job. Collegial and tolerant
atmosphere. Retention numbers for librarians and professional staff.
Employee and supervisor satisfaction.
For many years, I participated on the campus-wide Provost’s Committee on Retention. This committee surveys those
who leave. We offer opportunities for those people to be interviewed as well, to try to analyze what can be done
differently for retention. The library dean, or a designated AUL, holds exit interviews with all librarians, if they desire.
Supervisors hold exit interviews with all graduate assistants who matriculate, and the head of Library Human Resources
meets with all staff members who leave.
For the luncheon, library managers debrief each year. Often, individual staff express appreciation either in person or via
email following the luncheon.
In a web-based survey following the new employee orientation, we ask new employees what one or two new things
they learned, what questions they still have, and ask them to suggest three ways we can improve the program. We may
also review enrollments in campus training courses to determine how many new employees have taken advantage of
these opportunities.
Link to strategic plan directions and goals.
Our hiring and intake procedures are currently in a process of moving from a central campus HR-centric model toward
one administered by the library to a larger extent. With this change we are creating a hybrid process that coordinates
with central HR. We have undertaken needs assessment to identify gaps to be filled and undertaken development/
refinement of processes and tools. We have developed and are meeting our formative or process goals. Shortly, we will
begin developing appropriate outcome or summative goals and their specific measures for our hiring and acculturation
Our measure of success is when the individual indicates to us as part of our feedback collection process that they felt
that the orientation activities provided them with the appropriate information that they needed in their early days on the
Our orientation is evaluated by new hire satisfaction survey feedback and retention rates.
Ratings on evaluations, retention statistics.
Results from both surveys and focus groups help continually reshape our programs.
Retention, morale.
Satisfaction on the part of the new employee, also input from mentors, supervisors.
Self-report, observation of engagement, team work, and retention.
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