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Library Welcoming and Orientation
Library Welcoming and Orientation | Office of the CIO
http://www.uoguelph.ca/cio/content/library-welcoming-and-orientation[7/14/11 5:49:55 PM]
Functional Development (position within the Department)
The New Employee should meet with their Manager within the first week to
discuss their role and how they can get support the discussion should
include outline of key responsibilities as well as the regular responsibilities
and expectations. An outline of progression to learn and integrate into role
can be provided. Job shadowing and info about things they need to do
specific to their role can be identified.
Orientation program one staff member will be assigned to the new
employee, to begin on their first day, to provide extra support. This will
include a more involved orientation for the first week. Lunch the first day,
events around campus, a campus walking tour, answering any other
questions that come up if they are able. A regular ‘check in’ role beyond
that for the first month.
PreArrival CheckList
Contact Organizational Services Support Staff to complete New Hire
Prepare work space/office assignment.
Contact Kirk Sprague: ksprague@uoguelph.ca
Requests Keys/Codes
Contact Kirk Sprague: ksprague@uoguelph.ca
Manager send announcement/email to listserv announcing the new hire
and his/her background
Library Listserv: liball@listserv.uoguelph.ca
Computer Systems Requirements
Organizational Services Personnel will contact IT Services Jeff Walker:
jewalker@uoguelph.ca to inform IT of the staff start date and location
Hiring Manager will contact IT Services with computer and access
Hiring Manager to prepare the first day, first week and first month agenda
for new hire (will need to be scheduled in Gryph Calendar)
Hiring Manager to review calendar to schedule appropriate meeting times
during the new hires first weeks
First Day/First Week
Organizational Services Support Staff to ensure that the new hire meets
with H.R. to enrol in benefits
Karen Devries: kdevries@uoguelph.ca
Organizational Services Support Staff to refer the new employee to the
Online Orientation available at:
Manager to discuss agenda for the first week
Manager to officially introduce the new hire to the entire department walk
around with Manager or Orientation staff member on first AM or day if
Manager to discuss purpose of unit, department, and the role of other
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