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Orientation to Library Services for New Staff
Orientation to Library Services for New Staff
Course Summary
This 3-hour course is designed to provide a comprehensive orientation to Library Services. It is
intended as a follow-up to the general orientation to the Library, provided by Human Resources
in the first days of an employee’s service at the Library, and is the culminating element in the
Library Services “New Employee Orientation Program.”
The course has three purposes: summarize the essential “need to know” information (e.g.,
policies and logistics) which the staff member should already have learned; provide “good to
know” information about the Library and Library Services missions, activities, and procedures;
and go “Beyond the Walls” to enhance the employee’s “Library life” through a selection of
documents, web links, discussions, and “Tips from an Expert.”
The course can serve as a means of regularly reviewing the growth of the employee’s career,
both by the employee and in consultation with the supervisor. For that purpose, “Action Items”
are interspersed throughout the units, and a checklist of these appears in Unit 5.
Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
Access, review, and process all HR-related resources (such as WebTA, NFC, etc.)
Comply with Library policies for absenteeism, tardiness, leave, and behavior
Comply with the Library policies for Computer Security
Utilize Audix and email
Access LC Regulations and the Collective Bargaining Agreements
Know what to do in cases of emergency
Describe the mission and basic history of the Library of Congress
Describe the structure of Library Services and its Directorates
Describe in some detail the mission of their Division, its importance within Library
Services, and its key partners in other Divisions and Directorates
Search the collections, request items, and monitor their borrowing account
Practice effective procedures for Collection Security
Work with their supervisor to develop and manage a comprehensive training plan
Locate interesting “extracurricular activities”
Learn about employee organizations

Know about the world “Beyond the Walls” of the Library

Be able to share a few interesting “I bet you didn’t know” anecdotes
Training Methods:
Lecture, discussion, and guided exploration of LC and LS web pages
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