SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  · 83
University of New Mexico
Orientation Process for New Faculty
University Libraries Orientation Process for New Faculty
New Faculty Orientation (Part Two)
Employee Name:
SUPERVISOR (or designee): Discuss each item with the employee. Coordinate any time needed to complete the checklist
within the first few months of work. Assist the employee with making any appointments with Library staff or faculty that
may be needed. Answer questions as needed. Turn in when complete and signed.
EMPLOYEE: Check off each item on the list as it is completed. Schedule your time to complete this list in the first few
months of work. When complete, sign and give to your supervisor.
Who, Where, & How Who, Where, & How
Using University Resources: department and UNM policy/procedures for use of offices, computers, computer
accounts, campus mail, department equipment, etc.
General Building Tour in assigned area
Chain of Command
Channels of Communication
UL Organization Charts
Confidentiality: review policies
Performance Review (employee and direct supervisor only)
review job description (see letter of offer for details)
review Faculty Performance Review policy
review Professional Enrichment Award Program including available funds,
UNM tuition remission, etc.
Faculty Sponsor Program (employee meets with Promotion & Tenure Committee and Deputy Dean)
Promotion and Tenure (employee meets with UL Promotion & Tenure Committee and Deputy Dean)
Office Supplies
Food and Drink (if applicable)
New Managers and Supervisors Only -- UNM Manager Orientation Workshop
(contact UNM’s HR Department to schedule this workshop)
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
Branch Libraries on Campus: schedule meetings & tours, as appropriate:
Meetings with UL people:
Arrange a meeting time with each person or department listed below
Dean Director of Cataloging and Discovery Services
Deputy Dean Director of Collections and Acquisitions Services
Assoc Dean of CSWR & Special Collections Director of Access Services
Assoc Dean: Facilities and Access Services Director of Outreach
Director of Instruction Curator: InterAmerican Studies
Director of Library Information Technology Curator of INLP
Employee Resources Manager Budget & Cost Management Manager
Facility Services Manager
Part 2 Review completed:
Employee Signature Date Completed
SEND SIGNED FORM TO: Rita Critchfield, Zimmerman 201
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