104  ·  Representative Documents:  Orientation/Socialization Checklists
Library of Congress
Library Services - New Employee Orientation Checklist
Form that is shared with Supervisors of New Employees
Library Services - New Employee Orientation Checklist
Employee _________________ Job Title____________________
Supervisor_________________ Start Date____________________
_____New Employee Profile Form _____Paperwork and forms
(attached) _____ Meet the Team
_____ Designated work space/cubicle _____Quiet place to meet
_____ Office supplies _____Lunch arrangements in
first week
Mandatory Activities Date Completed
Buildings tours
(Jefferson, Adams, Madison) _______
Session with ALLS _______
Session with Deputy Librarians _______
Session with Directors/ABA & C&S _______
Session with Directors/POP & Tech Pol _______
Session with Director/Preservation & Tour _______
“Be a Book” Tour _______
ITS Security Course (online) _______
“Ethics Briefing: Standard of Conduct for
Library Employees, Online version” _______
COIN Course (in person) _______
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