22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Socialization excludes student workers, they do receive an orientation. But socialization does include GRA student
Tailored to each employee group: librarians, professional (other), support staff.
Temporary hourly employees not included.
The university provides an “on-boarding” process for all new employees. The library does not provide its own
orientation to all.
We tell new hires about our Library Staff Association and its various activities throughout the year.
For librarians we do this consistently. For professional and support staff it is done at the supervisor’s discretion.
Librarians select a “mentor” to assist them throughout the tenure process.
Librarians have a special faculty welcome and mentorship program.
There are activities in place, but they are more structured for librarians.
Librarians and Other Professional Staff
A general orientation for non-professional staff is determined by their supervisor and varies within each department or
Librarians and Support Staff
Librarian activities are more formalized support staff left up to department.
7. Please briefly describe how your library introduces new hires to their colleagues (e.g., reception,
email announcement, featured on Web page, etc.) N=57
Note: More than forty respondents indicated that email is used to introduce new hires. Respondents indicated that
they used a variety of methods (in person and electronic) to introduce new hires, such as newsletter announcements
introductions at meetings, receptions, and social events (such as lunches and coffee breaks) and supervisor
introductions of new hires to colleagues (as part of a general orientation to the library).
Selected Comments
A message is sent to the library’s electronic mailing list librarians are generally featured in spotlights on the library’s
website and staff newsletter (electronic). Individual departments have overall responsibility for the orientation of new
employees to the workplace.
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