SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  31
Meetings with other relevant, individual staff members begin at about two weeks & last from two to six months.
New employee meeting held every 18 to 24 months.
Ongoing: professional development.
Other activities can happen sometime between the first two to six months.
Reception: first two weeks after hire.
Reference creates a training schedule for each new hire.
Review of the newbie notebook is three to six months along with probationary cycle for classified staff. Performance
management and promotion & continuing status system are ongoing. There are luncheons for the “junior (assistant)”
librarians about every six weeks with the Dean of Libraries. She discusses issues facing librarians here or nationally; she
may send out articles. There is no specific staff development per se except some funding for professional workshop
Staff development session: within four months. Annual new employee luncheon: within one year.
Supervisors and department heads are encouraged to orient new employees to the home department within the first 3
months of hire.
Three years: Group meetings of new librarians and professionals who have been at library for three years or less.
Throughout the year, the Chief Information Officer/Chief Librarian hosts several events for all staff members as a means
of building community: Welcome back coffee break (Fall); Bar-b-que/Tail Gate Party (Fall); Long Service Recognition
Celebration (Fall); Holiday Party (Winter); Ice Cream Day (Summer).
Until faculty librarians reach tenure: Informal get-togethers of untenured faculty; quarterly one-on-one meetings with
the Deputy Dean throughout tenure process.
Within first 3 weeks: Meeting with safety coordinators for the work area.
11. Please indicate what kinds of resources your library offers new hires to support socialization
programs/activities, and whether they are targeted to all newly hired, paid employees or to
specific categories of staff. Check all that apply. N=57
N All New Hires
Other Professionals
Support Staff
Orientation checklists 51 47 1 2 3
Website/intranet resources 50 49 1 1
Policy manuals 42 35 7 3
Brochures 26 23 3
Audiovisual resources 11 11
Other resources 9 9
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