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Mentoring Program Guidelines and Procedures
University of Delaware Library - UDLAPS Mentoring Guidelines
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Participate in activities appropriate to the growth of both mentee and mentor.
Provide feedback to the mentor and the Mentoring Coordinator.
Activities are only limited by that which is appropriate in a work or professional relationship.
They may include:
regular meetings;
assistance in furthering involvement in professional organizations, particularly at the
national level;
assistance with publication; and
referral to prospective mentors outside the Library or University, who may have more
appropriate expertise.
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Mentoring Program Coordinator
The Mentoring Program Coordinator is responsible for the successful administration of the
mentoring program and for maintaining required records and archives. The Coordinator is an
elected officer of UDLAPS nominated by the UDLAPS Nominations and Elections Committee
and elected by the full membership every other year in regular UDLAPS elections. The
responsibility of the Mentoring Program Coordinator, according to the UDLAPS Constitution, is
to "coordinate the activities of the Mentoring Program in accordance with the UDLAPS
Mentoring Program Guidelines and Procedures." The Coordinator plays a large part in helping
to establish mentoring relationships and in evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Specific
duties of the Coordinator related to administering the mentoring program are:
publicize and promote the program and recruit participants;
achieve representation of mentor volunteers from a variety of Library departments and
divisions by encouraging interested professionals to participate as mentors as
maintain list of mentors;
attend professional candidates' interviews/breaks in order to explain the UDLAPS
Mentoring Program;
attend the Dossier Preparation Workshop to describe the benefits of a mentoring
write e-mails of introduction to new professionals advising that contact will be made
shortly after their arrival;
match mentees with mentors;
present program goals and guidelines to mentors for added assistance;
in cooperation with the Assistant Director for Library Administrative Services, plans and
revises the checklist for all new professional orientations;
resolve problems for/between mentors and mentees;
assist participants in formulating goals and developing activities;
solicit informal feedback from participants on progress and effectiveness of each
relationship and/or the program as a whole;
and review and evaluate the program and identify problems.
Specific duties of the Coordinator related to the UDLAPS organization are:
coordinate with UDLAPS Steering Committee and appropriate groups to plan programs
related to promotion and to encourage attendance by mentors/mentees;
attend the UDLAPS Steering Committee meetings and UDLAPS Business meetings
regularly as an elected member;
report the general successes and needs of the program to the UDLAPS Steering
Committee regularly and, periodically, to the entire UDLAPS membership;
maintain archives of program documentation;
maintain informal list of mentoring relationships established (all personal notes or e-mail
about relationships are considered confidential and must be shredded/deleted after the
Coordinator’s term ends);
maintain and report basic statistics of number and type of mentor/mentee matches,
their duration, and indication of general success of the program;
recommend necessary changes to the Mentoring Program and Guidelines to the
UDLAPS Steering Committee;
and provide an overall report to the new Mentoring Program Coordinator and/or
UDLAPS Steering Committee at the end of the Mentoring Coordinator's term to
maintain continuity and an archive.
If the Mentoring Coordinator feels that revisions/changes need to be made in the Mentoring
Program Guidelines and Procedures:
a revision committee is appointed by the Mentoring Coordinator and is comprised of
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