SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  21
Critical information is provided during the selection process in a “Joining the UA Libraries” packet to be sure candidates
are aware of the UA Libraries’ team-based organization in particular and other cultural or unique factors in our
environment. The first day of work involves meeting with the Libraries’ HR and orientation begins. A new employee
notebook is provided which details everything from library-wide work-related policies to pay information, phone
directory, brief history of the organization and it’s org structure, the Libraries’ mission, vision, and principles, governance
structures, types of employees, general expectations of employees and team leaders, and a full description of the
performance management, career progression/merit award, and communication systems. There is also more detailed
information about several related topics to explain our culture. It covers, in particular, areas where the Libraries differ
from the university in how it operates.
Currently, we do not have a centralized orientation and socialization program in the library, but several units and
departments have their own.
Information about socialization programs during the interview process is part of library faculty recruitment.
Most staff find out about this program when they are contacted to participate, although now that more staff have been
involved it is becoming more widely known.
Tenure track candidates are informed of the Faculty Mentor program during the interview process. After a candidate is
hired, a “match” is determined based partially on professional focus and partially on personality.
We have a multi-session “New Employee Orientation Program” that all new career staff attend. In addition, most
departments and supervisors provide information about such programs and activities within the unit.
6. Does your library offer socialization programs/activities for all newly hired, paid employees or for
specific categories of staff? N=57
All newly hired, paid employees 52 91%
Librarians 5 9%
Other professional staff 2 4%
Support staff 1 2%
Selected Comments
All newly hired, paid employees
All career employees attend a multi-session “New Employee Orientation Program.”
All employees receive some kind of orientation but the degree varies considerably. The supervisor covers the work
duties, work-related expectations of student (and all other) employees, but offers no “socialization” with other student
employees. For GA’s, there is a welcome session for library student GA’s but not for other field GA’s. Regular employees
(librarians, other appointed professionals, and staff) all follow a fairly standardized process of new employee orientation
(NEO) to the Libraries.
Currently, there is more emphasis on socialization for library faculty than there is for library staff.
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