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learning curve for the new employee and thus developed the Foundations sessions to comprehensively and consistently
train new employees in the Libraries’ team culture, key processes, and philosophy. As part of the Foundations
sessions we included “working in teams” and facilitation skills/effective meetings as well as other hands-on tools for
participating successfully. We included, optionally, a session on personality assessment and understanding of different
types (and consequently how the differences might hinder or help teamwork).
Develop staff to help them reach their potential.
Encouraging engagement in the library in a broad sense of understanding what others do to accomplish the vision/
Facilitate personal networking; provide introduction to the local community.
Introduction to cultural opportunities, restaurants, possible social & civic groups, hairdressers, etc. in the community.
Since Library Services and the Library of Congress are large institutions, our principal goal is to give new staff
information that allows them to put their own work into a larger context. For example, acquisitions and bibliographic
access staff are often unaware of outreach programs, and technology policy may be unaware of the resources and staff
devoted to preservation. We try to give an overview of all areas to inform and increase appreciation for the overall work
and mission of Library Services. We also want staff to enjoy and learn about additional benefits of working at the Library
and on Capitol Hill so that it is not “just a job.”
Social networking and interaction.
To communicate the strategic plan for the library and its supporting strategies; to communicate our “people” vision and
supporting strategies; to provide practical information pertaining to the person’s bargaining unit.
14. Please briefly describe how socialization programs/activities are funded. N=35
General library funds/general operating budget (5 responses)
No budget/Costs limited to staff workload (8)
Other Funding:
A combination of funds from the training budget and from private funds.
By Hospitality Committee, by the Libraries general or discretionary funds.
Cost is supported by the library administration.
Except for programs at the institutional level such as the benefits seminar for new employees, there is not a separate line
of funding for socialization programs/activities. The welcome lunch for new employees is funded by the staff association
to the extent that they pay for the new hires’ lunches and anyone else who attends goes Dutch treat.
From operating funds or development funds.
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