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Please briefly describe the “Other resources.”
All new hires are provided with strategic planning brochures (including our People Plan brochure).
All regular hires receive a new employee (newbie) notebook as described previously. Librarians have web access
to materials on promotion and continuing status, professional activities funding. Librarians are provided training
documents on such topics as collection development, providing instruction, various policies and processes aligned with
these subjects, etc.
Each librarian is connected with a mentor to act as a resource for various areas to include general environment and
reappointment and promotion. We also have an orientation listserv developed to provide networking and social
opportunities for librarians and professional staff. Orientation committee activities.
Job-related training, i.e., specific Voyager training, etc.
Reference guides, training manuals.
We do not have a single policy manual available, rather the public, university and internal library policies are available
Web sites, various handouts. Various handouts about the campus (map), policies, Austin (if they have relocated for the
Welcome packet: Orientation Checklist, Benefits brochures, Contacts List by Topics, Campus Map, Gym Membership
Forms, Organization Chart, Organizational Communication Practices.
Wiki describing various policies and procedures.
Additional Comments
All policies are online so no need for a physical manual. AV resources if the position needs that information. Various
handouts are tailored to the type of position and may change throughout the year.
An orientation checklist was developed by the strategic planning group that made recommendations for the new
employee orientation program for Library Services. It is given to supervisors of new employees as a recommendation of
topics they should make sure to have been covered with new staff.
Policy manuals: Represented librarians and staff are given a print copy of the university/union agreement.
The faculty handbook is online (only) and offers detailed information to all University Libraries faculty from the local
culture to the RPT process. There is also an Hourly Employee Guidelines PDF that is provided to all new hourly hires.
The library as a whole does not provide each new employee the exact same materials. These materials are provided at
the department level as appropriate to each employee and department.
We are in the process of developing audiovisual resources, including a welcome video from the Dean of Libraries, but it
is not currently available.
We have a “Joining the Library” packet (that is) supposed to be sent by email to all interviewees before the interview.
We provide brochures on Life & Work Support, campus shuttle, parking rates, benefit options, list of new employee
orientations, and required trainings. We offer brochures on many other topics that can be provided as needed, such
as disability resources, etc. Teams may provide their own work-related expectations documents as well. We provide
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