SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  · 117
University of Virginia
Departmental Orientation Checklist
1st Day/1st Week Completed(√)
Complete Section 2 of I-9 (online)
Brief discussion of employee’s role in department/University (also discuss department’s and
University’s mission)
Provide up-to-date written position description (job duties/scope, essential/non-essential
employees) and performance expectations
Discuss Performance Planning and Evaluation (Lead @) process (general overview)
Discuss recording leave (Self Service Time and Leave -SSTL)
Discuss/provide reference for leave policies
Discuss holiday schedule and process for requesting leave
Discuss lunch/break periods
Discuss training/educational opportunities/recommended reading
Discuss tuition waiver/reimbursement–other educational opportunities
Discuss UTS (University Transit Service) - have bus schedule available in department
Discuss safety and security/emergency conditions and response, such as:
a. Fire, disaster preparedness, emergency/ bomb threat procedures
b. Accident injury procedures
c. Emergency blue phones on Grounds (Dial 9+911)
d. Inclement weather policy
e. Universal precautions and HAZMAT (if applicable)
Discuss WorkMed’s services (refer to: www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/occupational-
Discuss the Resource Fair
Approximately 3 Months From Hire Date Completed(√)
Consider conducting 3- Month Performance Evaluation (recommended)
Discuss professional development opportunities
Recommend attending Resource Fair with department representative (should occur within 6
months of hire)
Department-Specific Requirements/Notes - to be customized by each department
Completion of Checklist: (Both new employee and departmental representative must sign below indicating checklist
information has been completed in full).
Signature Date
Department Representative:___________________________________________________________________________
Signature Date
Updated 10-12-10
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