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Evaluation of Socialization Programs/Activities
15. Has your library developed any tools to solicit feedback from participants to help evaluate the
success of your socialization programs/activities? N=56
Yes 24 43%
Not yet, but we plan to 13 23%
No 19 34%
If yes or planning to, which tools does/will your library use to solicit feedback from participants?
Check all that apply. N=35
Surveys 24 69%
Individual interviews 17 49%
Focus group meetings 14 40%
Other tool 8 23%
Please describe the other tool.
Dean and associate dean have lunch with new cohorts of library faculty to learn about their experiences.
Meetings with staff organizations and committees.
New hires are invited to breakfast with the Dean of Libraries each fall.
Our newly formed Organizational Development Team will undertake to solicit feedback from new hires.
The Classified Staff Affairs committee has designed a feedback tool for their mentor program, but has not had an
opportunity to use it yet. The Professional Staff Affairs committee has not designed any feedback tools for their mentor
We ask each attendee to complete an evaluation form after completing the New Employee Orientation Program.
We developed forms for participants to evaluate every one of the eight components of the program.
We may also consider exit interviews.
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