42  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Strategic Plan goal achievement. Individual employee achievement of performance goals. Overall improvement on
annual ClimateQUAL® survey.
Two measures of success: 1. Does the mentee volunteer to become a mentor? 2. Does the mentee encourage any new
staff they may supervise to participate in the Mentoring Program?
Use data to see if programs make a difference, improve program planning, ensure best use of funds and demonstrate
We respond to suggestions by tweaking the course or changing elements around. We also provide feedback to
individual presenters based on information in the evaluation forms. Our motto is “continuous improvement.”
Benefits of Socialization Programs/Activities
17. Please briefly describe up to three primary benefits for participants of your library’s socialization
programs/activities. N=52
Note: Primary benefits noted by respondents included meeting and getting to know colleagues; establishing a network
of contacts within and outside of the library; acclimating new hires to the organizational culture; facilitating general
orientation to the organization; facilitating support for learning about the promotion and tenure process; and getting to
know the organizational culture.
Selected Comments
Getting oriented to colleagues, work assessment, and environment. Acquaintance with professional development
opportunities. Knowledge/expectation of performance appraisal standards (staff) and peer review process (librarians).
Helps new hires develop a network to support them in their role. Enables individuals to feel they are an important part
of the organization, builds a sense of community. Encourages collaboration between co-workers.
Meet the university librarian (UL) and other members of the Library Cabinet; connect their faces and names; hear
about the scope of their assignments. Learn the strategic priorities of the library from the UL directly. Gain a better
understanding of where the employee and his/her department fit into the library as a whole.
Employees feel supported and valued by the organization. Employees receive the necessary tools, knowledge, and
support to do their jobs and enhance their promotional opportunities. Employees gain a better understanding of the
organization’s culture and mission.
Develop contacts, collaborators, research assistance, or professional development. Receive/impart knowledge about
the UGA Libraries from a perspective beyond one’s own departmental colleagues or supervisors. Identify library staff
and faculty who have interests corresponding to professional research projects and/or have similar community and civic
1. Because of the large size of this institution, it is helpful for all levels of staff to be able to maneuver this large
organization. Orientation and socialization help reduce the anxiety of new employees. 2. Orientation and socialization
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