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Based on program goals; this activity is very individualized.
During the first week of employment, each newly hired professional is given a schedule to meet with multiple coaches
during the first four weeks of employment, but the relationships go well beyond that timeframe. Job shadowing for
newly hired support staff takes place during the first month.
For the most part, this is probably individualized but some teams make a habit of providing job shadowing for certain
positions, particularly those serving public desks, for example, or for learning connection development (librarian).
Different people on a team may be assigned to assist a new employee in learning specific tasks or shadowing. Coaching
is provided by the team leader or other supervisor (or Sr. Librarian) as needed.
New librarians in some divisions are paired with colleagues for up to six weeks.
New reference staff members will shadow at the reference desk before formally being assigned desk shifts.
Supervisors complete a library checklist with new employee beginning the first week; department heads are responsible
for orientation and job training.
This is done on an individual unit level and is much less formal and predictable. Some are only a few hours or a few
days, while others are longer.
Up to several months in department.
Within the first year, new employees need more coaching and the development of informal relationships provides
support; management “matches up” the new hire with experienced colleagues for counsel and direction.
Residency, Fellowship, or Similar Program N=7
One year
Two years (4)
Every three years
Entire residency period
Other Activity, please specify N=19
Activities vary considerably. Most of these occur within the first month of employment.
All but the annual recognition program take place the first month of employment. During the annual recognition
program a new faculty member of the year and a new staff member of the year is chosen.
Campus has a formal welcoming event for faculty and APs once a year. The library and GSLIS has a reception for new
faculty each fall.
First month: Meetings with faculty committees, deans.
First week or month: Meet & greets and announcements (some announcements are prior to their start date).
Mandatory EEO training occurs online through the Learning Management System (LMS) within the employee’s first 30
days. Thereafter, LMS offers employees access to training and professional development courses online throughout their
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