SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires · 43
activities help develop coworker relations &social networks, which can lead to career opportunities down the road. 3.
Ultimately, individuals will have higher job satisfaction because they feel that the organization cares about them.
1. Become more productive quickly. 2. Establish contacts/supports. 3. More effectively integrate into the organization.
1. Faster acclimation to new workplace. 2. Greater awareness of staff development opportunities. 3. Have developed
one good working relationship with their mentor.
1. Feel welcomed and more comfortable. 2. Meet managers across the library to feel more inclusive. 3. Integrate more
1. Help new employees understand the organization and culture of the Libraries and feel they are valued members
of the organization. 2. Convey the mission and values of the organization to employee so he/she can represent the
library professionally on campus and beyond. 3. Inform the employee about job expectations, performance evaluation,
compensation, rights, responsibilities, benefits, etc.
1. New tenure track faculty have a personal relationship with a tenured, established faculty member who will help the
new faculty member navigate the intricacies of the RPT process. 2. The mentor -mentee relationship helps the new
faculty member understand the work culture of the university in general. 3. This relationship often becomes a friendship
that spans work and non-work related activities.
1. Obtain new skills. 2. Staff better informed. 3. Improved programming.
1. Speeds assimilation into organizational culture. 2. Provides resources and contacts. 3. Cultivates relationships with
staff beyond immediate work area.
1. To learn about the culture of the library and the university. 2. To receive emotional support/inclusiveness -become
part of the family. 3. To help more inexperienced librarians and staff to develop professionally.
1. They can hear from the senior leadership of the library about the library’s vision, mission, and supporting strategies.
This helps them to ‘connect the dots’ as to how their job supports the achievement of the library’s vision. They also
get to meet the dean and senior leadership. 2. They can understand how the library’s strategic plan connects to the
university’s strategic plan. 3. They benefit from planned activities which are felt to be advantageous to new hires.
Expands personal contacts. Provides new hires with a sense of where they fit into the larger organization and a sense
of connection to a larger process. Provides support for the P&T process, and an understanding of general performance
Know where to get assistance/describes appropriate workflow. Know whom to approach for help. Know tools and
process relevant to their responsibilities.
Knowledge about the organizational culture. Useful knowledge about evaluation and promotion procedures.
Opportunities to network with other employees. Solid resources to effectively navigate the environment.
Knowledge of the organization and areas with which they will interact. Feeling of being welcomed and valued.
Understanding of cultural expectations and acceptable behavior.
Meeting and building collegial working relationships with other library staff members at all levels receiving useful
information about the library, the university, and the organizational culture having some fun.
New employee feels like there is a plan for them to be oriented to the library and the university. Librarians quickly learn
about the functions performed in all departments and meet all staff. Redundant coverage of topics as well as printed
copies of information help ensure that employees have received vital information.
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