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University of Saskatchewan
University Library Pre-Arrival Checklist for New Employees
University Library
Pre-Arrival Checklist for New Employees
For Supervisors & Branch Heads
Employee Name: ________________________________________________
Arrival Date: ____________________________________________________

Announce new employee’s arrival date, position, duties to branch staff

Prepare the work area e.g. clean out desk and files, review remaining materials for appropriateness

Gather and have available written materials that pertain specifically to the new employee’s immediate
work environment and responsibilities, including:
o Branch staff list/organization chart with basic job responsibilities of each person
o Email and telephone lists for staff
o Job description
o Diagram of evacuation route for building
o U of S and Saskatoon telephone directories
o Parking information
o Collective agreement (can be found on the HRD website)
o Appropriate professional organizations

Ensure basic office supplies are available

Order keys (can be obtained from Tammy Hornung)

Install telephone or complete change order (arrangements to be made by Tammy Hornung)

Arrange for computer and software installation. Email and system orientation will be arranged by the
HR Manager as part of the employee’s orientation.
October 2008
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