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Staff Development &Training Advisory Committee. Charge
Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee
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Staff Development and Training Advisory
The University of Illinois Library has a responsibility to inform and train staff so they are prepared to
serve the library community knowledgeably and effectively in a period of rapid technological change
and organizational transition. The Library provides training, development, and enrichment
opportunities consulting services and access to relevant training information in a variety of formats
and levels.
The Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee advises the Library administration and the
Staff Development and Training Coordinator on the planning, coordination, and evaluation of the
Staff Development and Training Program. The committee makes recommendations for the
establishment of competencies and standards, identifies training needs of library staff, prioritizes
those needs, and makes recommendations about how to go about meeting those needs. The
committee participates in planning policy and decision-making efforts regarding the offering of these
programs. The committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding the creation,
implementation and ongoing provision of a New Employee Orientation program. The committee helps
to identify, recruit, train, develop, evaluate, and maintain a pool of staff trainers, resource
personnel, and facilitators. The committee shares in accountability for performance of the training
program and evaluates the performance of the training program.
The Committee is chaired by the Staff Development and Training Coordinator. Committee members
are appointed by the University Librarian, with the advice of the Executive Committee. The
Committee normally will be composed of nine members serving two-year staggered terms, and may
be reappointed for repeated terms.
Beth Woodard, chair
*Susan Braxton (08/15/12)
Paula Carns (08/15/11)
*Camilla Fulton (08/15/12)
Gail Hueting (08/15/11)
*Kate Swan (08/15/12)
Barb Trumpinski-Roberts (08/15/12)
*Sandy Wolf (08/15/11)
Lisa Hinchliffe, ex officio
Cindy Kelly, ex officio
Helen Zhou, ex officio
*second term
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