SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  33
several maps: of campus, of parking, of the Libraries. We provide information card about IT support. Of course, we
provide new hires with a position description.
Designing and Coordinating Socialization Programs/Activities
12. Please indicate which group or individual has the primary responsibility for designing and/or
coordinating socialization programs/activities. Check all that apply. N=57
All New Hires N=54
N Designing
Immediate supervisor 45 35 38
HR/Personnel officer 43 37 35
A library committee 17 14 13
Staff Development officer 14 12 10
Colleagues of higher rank 13 9 10
Other 8 8 5
Please briefly describe the “Other” group or individual and their role.
Employment Development Committee. Various units offer to coordinate such opportunities as webinars. Campus HR
Training and Development offers weeklong supervisory training program.
Human Resources administrative support person. We’ve also recently established the Organizational Development Team
and they will be involved in reviewing and designing future socialization programs.
Library committee coordinates initial orientation. Supervisor makes introductions. Administration supports group events
twice a year which are usually one retirement reception and one staff appreciation reception. Individuals within the
departments address day-to-day socialization.
Peers, colleagues.
The person responsible depends on the position.
The team leader is the primary person responsible for most critical aspects of orientation and may delegate pieces or the
whole to the employee’s immediate supervisor. With non-regular hires such as GA’s and other student employees, it is
extremely likely that immediate supervisor will take this on. All employees received some orientation even if it is just a
brief overview of policies and employment expectations along with a checklist; these are provided by the Libraries HR.
The Libraries has selected one employee (Director of Marketing/PR) to liaison with the library school around graduate
assistantships and she does handle a few aspects of the recruitment and selection process of GA’s. Her role is larger
with respect to one program of GA’s—the UA has a Knowledge River program for minority library school students and
she facilitates/coordinates their selection and placement within the Libraries. She also provides an initial orientation
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