44  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
New hires understand the library’s organizational culture. New hires know where to locate information. New faculty
librarian hires understand the process required for tenure and promotion.
Participants gain knowledge of library and campus culture. Mandatory trainings are clearly laid out. Librarians receive
mentorship as they progress toward tenure.
Participants begin to understand the local culture. Participants begin to understand the work environment.
Participants get to meet new people and understand the culture better. Participants are oriented and trained so that
they understand the expectations. Participants make friends and find mentors.
Participants report an increased feeling of welcome, and comfort in knowing someone outside the unit (mentoring).
Provides an introduction to the librarian promotion process. Provides flexibility and is geared to the particular needs of
the new hire. Our informal mentoring program is an opt-in opportunity rather than a requirement.
Social and professional networking; understanding of library & university policies & procedures; training in their
essential job functions or learning the local procedures.
The participants get to know the library’s HR staff. The participants have resources for navigating our unique culture.
The participants have an opportunity to contemplate and communicate their staff development needs.
They acquire a better understanding of the library’s culture and how they fit into the organization. They get to know
their peers better and become part of a network of young professionals they can rely on for support. They become more
engaged in library activities while developing essential skills.
Understand employee benefits; understand process for appointment, reappointment, tenure/promotion (librarians),
leaves, professional development; introduction to the university and library environment and welcoming activities.
18. Please briefly describe up to three primary benefits for the library of your library’s socialization
programs/activities. N=51
Note: Primary benefits noted by respondents included increasing productivity; developing and reinforcing a collegial
environment; increasing job satisfaction and retention; and facilitating success in the promotion and tenure process.
Selected Comments
1. Promote a sense of community among Libraries employees. 2. Enhance productivity by developing motivated and
knowledgeable staff. 3. Connect the individual to the overall mission of the Libraries.
1. Become more productive quickly. 2. Establish contacts/supports. 3. More effectively integrate into the organization.
1. Develops collegial atmosphere. 2. Communicates organizational values (service, diversity, intellectual freedom, etc.) 3.
Encourages participation and communication.
1. Ease on-boarding. 2. Encourage early participation in staff development sessions. 3. Better retention.
1. Promotes collegiality. 2. Helps bring out the best in our staff so that they can make the most of the resources available
to them. 3. Helps promote a healthy constructive workplace.
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