SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  · 143
North Carolina State University
New Staff Orientation Evaluation
Please complete this form and either drop off at the Personnel Services office or email to Laura
Blessing at laura_blessing@ncsu.edu.
Date: ______/______/_________ Name: ______________________________
Agree Agree
Opinion Disagree
I have a better understanding of how my work
relates to work done in other departments or units.
I am more confident that I can find my way around
the D.H. Hill building.
I am more comfortable approaching staff in other
departments with questions or to ask for help.
I can explain the Libraries' vision statement in my
own words.
I can think of examples of projects, ideas, or
activities that are consistent with the Libraries'
mission and vision.
I can think of ways that the Libraries promotes and
values diversity among staff and users.
I know who to contact to raise a concern related to
diversity issues or make a suggestion for diversity
I believe that I know what computing tools and
resources are available to me as a Libraries staff
I know how and when to contact the IT Helpdesk.
Did you feel that the Orientation program met its objectives?
In what ways do you feel better prepared to be more productive and work collaboratively
in the Libraries?
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New Staff Orientation Evaluation
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