SPEC Kit 323: Socializing New Hires  ·  19
3. How many support staff has your library hired in the past two years? N=62
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
0 397 15.81 9 49.86
Support Staff Responses
0 5
1–5 14
6–10 23
11–15 9
16–20 5
20 6
4. Does your library offer programs, activities, and/or resources that are intended to socialize newly
hired, paid employees into the organization? N=65
Yes 57 88%
No 8 12%
Selected Comments
I am filling out this survey in the context of an orientation program that I run for employees new to the Library Services
service unit of the Library of Congress. We run three programs a year for 20 staff each who have all been hired by
Library Services within the last five years. It is for all levels of permanent staff.
New Employee Orientation - Buddy System: library staff mentor is assigned as the new employee’s “buddy” for a year.
Orientation checklist is provided to supervisors of all new hires which includes review of policies and procedures, tours,
introductions to colleagues, meetings with senior administrators, etc.
Orientation, department orientations, annual holiday party, annual meet the new folks, and librarian peer mentoring.
Our on-boarding activities are fairly significant, including pre-hire, post-hire, and long-term activities.
There is an orientation program that is not very active, but supervisors do make an effort to ensure that new librarians
are oriented. Individual departments will ‘socialize’ newly hired staff differently, depending on need and position.
We have a Library Staff Association for all new hires. We have an informal peer librarian “Socializer” assignment for
new librarians. We have GOLD, an organizational learning and development team that offers activities.
We have an orientation program for all new permanent employees. We also hold new staff coffees three times per year.
We have orientation activities for all regular employees, but far fewer for graduate assistants and student employees.
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