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University of Virginia
Departmental Orientation Checklist
Employee’s Full Name:_______________________________________________ Employee #:____________
Department:_________________________________ Department Contact:___________________________
Date of Hire:_________________________________ Phone:______________________________________
This checklist is designed to assist hiring departments and new employees with departmental orientation. Departmental
representatives need to discuss the items below with new hires, then sign and date the back of this form to indicate
completion. The completed form should be placed in the employee’s departmental file.
DEPARTMENT Completed(√)
Via Telephone with New Employee
(Prior to first day of employment)
Confirm first day/work hours
Discuss dress code/uniform distribution
Discuss payroll frequency, overtime pay (straight pay and time and one half rate)
Discuss parking arrangements; provide directions to Dept. of Parking and Transportation
Emphasize the importance of benefits/payroll appointment
Obtain emergency contact phone numbers
Complete Section 1 of I-9 (online)
Department Arrangements
(Prior to first day of employment)
Introduce new employee by e-mail or letter
Select current employee to assist new employee; inform current employee of expectations
Assign 1st day/1st week checklist activities to appropriate staff
Provide workspace and necessary office equipment/supplies
Prepare department orientation agenda
1st Day/1st Week Completed(√)
Supervisor to greet new employee at start of first day
Introduce new employee to current employee who was assigned to assist
Accompany new employee to his/her office
Review computer set up, log on, e-mail, data security and Responsible Computing Handbook
Review phone number and phone system training, FAC (Forced Access Code), phone mail as
Discuss/distribute office supplies, UVA directory, Charlottesville directory, name plate, etc.
Tour office/department (restrooms, break room, introduce to internal/external staff,
identification/access card, and/or appropriate keys)
Discuss communication opportunities - staff meetings, department meetings, newsletters, etc.
Provide brief history of department
Provide departmental/university organizational charts
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