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University of New Mexico
Orientation Process for New Faculty
University Libraries Orientation Process for New Faculty
University Libraries
Orientation Process for New Faculty
A Message from the Dean
Welcome to the University Libraries (UL) faculty. The Libraries are a great place to work and we will
all be doing our best to make your library experience top notch. It is an exciting time to be a library employee
as we adjust to the information needs of UNM students, faculty, and staff in this electronic age.
Mission of the University Libraries
The University of New Mexico Libraries is a dynamic leader in connecting customers to information, collections, and
instruction - anyplace, anytime, as well as providing and maintaining exceptional facilities for the evolving education,
research and service needs of UNM and the wider community.
Completing the Orientation Process
Your supervisor (or their designee) is responsible for guiding you through the Libraries’ orientation
process and will answer any questions you have as you complete each step. The orientation is divided into three
parts, each with its own form to complete, sign, and turn in. Part Four is a feedback form which is optional. You
may turn in each form as it is completed. Some steps in the orientation will require scheduling time away from
your new job. Your supervisor will work with you to coordinate this time with the other needs of your
department. Some steps may not be necessary if you have transferred to the Libraries from another UNM
Important Discussion Points
Confidentiality: Details of the library information resources used by UNM students, staff, faculty, and other
customers are confidential and should never be released. UL employee personnel and personal information
should also never be released. Your supervisor will elaborate on this topic and provide specifics related to your
Security: All employees are expected to keep abreast of new policies and procedures as they arise. Your
supervisor will provide more specific security information related to your position and your department.
Chain of Command: Your supervisor will provide you with the chain of command details for your department.
Faculty Sponsor Program: The UL supports new faculty in many ways including the faculty sponsor program.
The UL Promotion & Tenure Committee and the Deputy Dean will assist you with selecting a tenured faculty
member to act as your mentor as you move through the tenure-track process. Set up a meeting with the Chair of
the P&T Committee and with the Deputy Dean early on so that you know what to expect of this important
support program and how to select a mentor.
Sharing Knowledge and Ideas: Employees are encouraged to generate and share creative/imaginative ideas that
may enhance workflow and/or the work environment. Please explore the many avenues provided for this
exchange of ideas such as unit meetings, serving on committees, speaking with your supervisor, or with other
management personnel.
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