106 · Representative Documents: Orientation/Socialization Checklists
Oklahoma State University
New Employee Orientation
New Employee Orientation
Unless otherwise noted arrangement for these duties will fall to the unit administrator
At hiring
Determine if there is a need for furniture, new telephone or electrical services or
computing equipment. Work with Dean’s Office and Systems Department to
One month out
Remind Systems of computing needs
Two weeks out
Contact Systems re new employee’s arrival verify start date and remind of
computing needs
Obtain vehicle information from new employee to acquire temporary (one week)
parking permit alternatively, if the new employee is given their position number,
they can obtain a regular permit (verify up to how far in advance)
Contact library senior administrative officer re setting up benefits meeting- get
date for benefits meeting so this can be factored into early scheduling of new
employee remind about need to post announcement re new employee on email
and if faculty need for notebook.
Contact Coordinator of Library Publications and Information to get out
announcements about new hire to appropriate media outlets
Schedule appointment for new employee to meet with Dean
Check with Dean’s Office about availability of keys for new employee
Check to see if new employee’s work area is clean and stocked with supplies
Plan welcome within department
First Day
Within the Dean’s Office
Payroll, check distribution (JG)
Keys (JH)
Parking Permit Info (JG)
ID Card through sectioning at Student Union (JG)
Review benefits sign up and tell employee when their session is scheduled (JG)
Secure temporary access to campus network applications, set up machine
Post announcement to full-time library employees re new employee in In the Loop
Speak with Dean’s Office staff re name badges (MW)
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