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Mentoring Program Guidelines and Procedures
University of Delaware Library - UDLAPS Mentoring Guidelines
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change their career emphasis. This type can represent a special, highly personal and
unstructured relationship that requires strong commitment, or it can be a somewhat formal
relationship of more limited duration with activities chosen by the participants in consultation
with the Mentoring Program Coordinator.
Orientation Relationship
Acquaint newcomers with University of Delaware Library staff structure, future planning
visions, mission, etc.
Act as a sounding board for questions related to the organizational structure of the
Library and the University.
Facilitate interaction with colleagues beyond supervisor and immediate department;
encourage cross-departmental and cross-divisional communication.
Introduce new professionals to career-related activities.
Discuss professional committees, organizations, and scholarly activities, as well as
introduce the professional to local and regional groups such as the Delaware Library
Welcome new professionals to the geographic area.
Criteria for Mentors
Interested professionals may volunteer to serve as mentors; it is recommended that the
volunteers have two or more years of experience at the Library.
Volunteers should be knowledgeable of the Library and University, flexible, considerate,
cognizant of the needs of new professionals, and committed to meeting the steps and
calendar of the checklist.
Mentors may be within the same reporting line, but outside the supervisory relationship.
Communicate with the mentee about calendar and checklist.
Follow checklist to provide orientation and answer additional questions from the
Recommend arrangement of at least monthly contacts with mentee for a six-month
Solicit feedback from the mentee and report progress to the Mentoring Coordinator.
Determine meeting schedule and orientation needs.
Be open to the program, ask questions, and keep appointments with mentor.
Participate in appropriate checklist activities.
Provide feedback to the mentor and submit completed evaluation form to the Mentoring
Possible Activities
See checklist for suggested activities.
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Promotional Relationship
This relationship is geared specifically toward the librarian promotional process.
Provide assistance in dossier preparation and use of the promotion process to early-to-
mid-career librarians.
Assist librarians in building a record of professional activity by acting as a source for
networking and answering questions about aspects of the professional career that fall
outside job duties.
Criteria for Mentors
Mentors must have been promoted and/or have served on the promotion committee.
Mentors should be at the same level of responsibility or above that of the mentee, but
should not be in the same direct reporting line.
Formulate, with input from the mentee, a program and schedule tailored to the needs of the
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