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10. Please describe the typical time frame (e.g., within the first two months on the job, one year, until
program goals are met, etc.) for new hires to complete each type of program/activity offered by
your library. N=52
Orientation Sessions N=51
First day (3 responses)
First two days
First week (3)
First two weeks (3)
First month/one month (8)
First two months (5)
First three months (6)
First four months
First six months (3)
Within the first year/one year (6)
Until goals are met (3)
Other time frame:
“Day 1,” basic information; university orientation within 30 days of hire; “organizational orientation” within 30 days.
During first few days; university-wide: as sessions are scheduled.
First day on job in Library Personnel; up to several months in department.
One-on-one orientation checklist with supervisor (within 1st 2 weeks), one-on-one meeting with HR (within 1st
month), and quarterly orientation with other new staff (within 1st 3 months).
Orientation sessions take place the first day, the first week, and the first month to six weeks from the employee’s start
The general timeframe is 6 months to 1 year to learn a job. Internal HR orientation is immediate to 8 weeks. Team
much longer. Some orientation is standardized and some is individualized such as for such a type of position. Some
orientations are group events and some are individual or one-on-one activities. See website for standardized,
group activities. Team leaders or other supervisors provide the majority of orientation to the employee in their work
responsibilities; first assessing how much they know and developing a plan of what they need to learn. Milestones are
The new staff member will attend the university’s orientation program the first Monday the new staff member is here.
We target staff for our program that have been in Library Services from six months to five years.
With most department/branch: received feedback, now do gradually over more than two months because recent hire
found extensive orientation interfered with learning the core duties of the job.
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