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Faculty attend university-wide reception as well as library faculty receptions. New staff send a library-wide email to all
other staff announcing their start date, position, office location, contact information, and other information they choose
to share. Unit heads and supervisors will often lead the introductions of new staff to their colleagues.
In the case of new librarians and supervisors, announcements are sent out to all library staff. Everyone new is listed in
the staff newsletter.
Lunch with search committee members. Coffee break with team members. Lunch with colleagues on their first day of
employment. Orientation meetings with colleagues and other managers (one-one-one). Email announcement. Personal
introductions by manager.
“Meet and greet” events, announcements made during monthly all-staff meetings, email announcements of new hires
sent to all staff. Welcome committee meets with new staff, and mentoring opportunities for both classified/support
staff and professional librarian & other professional staff.
New hires are introduced at library-wide town meetings and via email from their supervisor to all staff. Some
departments hold a “coffee klatch” for new arrivals.
One of the suggestions in a strategic planning group that focused on new employees in Library Services was to mount
brief introductions on the LS staff intranet. The form has been designed but that feature has not yet been implemented,
awaiting transfer of the LS staff intranet to a new platform. In terms of initial introductions to colleagues, that is handled
at the individual team level by the supervisors and team members.
Regular employees (of all kinds) are first mentioned in “hire announcements” from the team leader to the Libraries’
all-staff listserv. This provides notice of their name, position, and a short summary of their background/qualifications.
Regular employees are welcomed at the first available all-staff meeting (generally one per month or so), and provided
pretty much the same information with a bit more personal information such that other employees might take an
interest in them (hobbies, etc.). There are newbie breakfasts held for regular hires with the Dean of Libraries (used to be
quarterly but now as long as once a year, depends on the number of hires).
Supervisors and the new employee will visit all the different department. Supervisors will send a “welcome” email to the
staff listserv. Departments will schedule training sessions with library staff.
The library hosts a formal orientation program, featuring the university librarian and other members of the Library
Cabinet. This is in addition to the campus-sponsored New Employee Orientation. New librarians are invited to a
luncheon hosted by the Librarians Association of UCLA (LAUC-LA) on the day of the orientation. LAUC-LA is an
advisory group, one of ten divisions of the system-wide Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC). UC
librarians are academic appointees but they are not members of the Academic Senate (i.e., they do not have tenure).
There are announcements of all new hires in the weekly Library Newsletter, which goes to all library employees. There is
an annual ice cream social organized by the Amity Committee to which new hires are specifically invited. New librarians
are introduced at the regular monthly meeting of the Librarians’ Forum.
Training Coordinator escorts new employee around library to introduce to staff. All-staff meeting introductions. New
librarians/professionals get mentors and join New Librarians and Library Professionals Group for first three years.
We announce new hires in our weekly (online) Staff Bulletin. The Library Staff Association includes a “New Faces”
profile with photo in its monthly newsletter. Our (online) Library News introduces new librarians to campus faculty and
students. New faculty are introduced at each monthly Library Faculty Meeting.
We have town meetings generally once per month and at the beginning of those meetings we do staff transitions.
New employees are then introduced by the supervisor or the HR Manager to all the staff present. We make a point of
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