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University of New Mexico
Orientation Process for New Faculty
University Libraries Orientation Process for New Faculty
New Faculty Orientation (Part One)
Employee Name:
SUPERVISOR (or designee): Discuss each item with the employee. Coordinate any time needed to complete the checklist
within the first few weeks of work. Assist the employee with finding specific UNM offices and with making any
appointments with Library staff or faculty that may be needed. Answer questions as needed. Turn in when complete and
EMPLOYEE: Check off each item on the list as it is completed. Schedule your time to complete this list in the first few
weeks of work. When complete, sign and give to your supervisor.
The Basics The B asics
FIRST: Meet with UL Employee Resources Manager to determine if any hiring paperwork is needed
LOBO Card: go to LOBO Card Office located in the SUB.
UL Badge: (requires a LOBO Card and UL form) Obtain the form from Administration and take card and
form to LOBO Card Office.
Parking on Campus: visit Parking Services to request parking pass, review parking maps, rules, and restrictions
(if interested, discuss bicycle parking availability in Zimmerman with Facilities Services staff)
Departmental Functions and Responsibilities
Work Schedule, Hours, Breaks and Work Space
Payroll & Faculty Leave Requests: meet with UL Payroll office to review leave forms, information, and receive
training (if employee is a manager or supervisor, payroll training is also required)
Groupwise Email, Chat, and Calendar Account: request an account at
Campus Mail: UNM and UL policy/procedures
Telephone Use: UNM system, department procedures and rules
Voice Mail Training: schedule training, if applicable
Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Professional Leave: policy and procedures
Lateness: policy and procedures
Introductions to Other Department Employees
Facilities: department and employee areas
Emergency Contacts: review department procedures
Emergency Evacuation: visit primary/secondary routes; review procedures and roles
Review policies and procedures
Role of UL Security Personnel
Right to Refuse Service policy
□Schedule employee for required safety training
Hazard communication training (required if employee has chemical exposure beyond normal household use)
Security: review policies and procedures
building entry/exit
offices, rooms, files, desk, equipment, and personal belongings
Part 1 Review completed:
Employee Signature Date Completed
SEND SIGNED FORM TO: Rita Critchfield, Zimmerman 201
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