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Article Scanning Request from LSF Bound Journals
NU Faculty may request scans of articles from journals stored in the Library Storage Facility. Articles already available in
electronic format will not be scanned. Email replies will include a secure internet link to a PDF file of the scanned article. It
is the patron's responsibility to save files or produce print copies of articles requested.
» Use the form below to request an article to be scanned from a bound journal housed in the Library Storage Facility.
Please note: All patrons, including Faculty, may still request retrieval of bound journal volumes from the Library Storage
Facility, which will be brought to the Main Circulation desk.
Research Assistants for NU Faculty may make article scanning requests on behalf of a faculty member, but must be set
up with the official link to the Faculty member's borrowing account on the Research Assistant's WildCARD. You must state
the name and email address of the Faculty member for whom you are requesting an article scan in the Comments section if
you are a Research Assistant.
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